Top 10 Yo Daddy Jokes

Updated on 30 Dec 2008, Published on 30 Dec 2008

Check out the funny Yo daddy jokes and have fun. We hope you would like the yo daddy jokes because they are very much different from yo momma jokes. So what are you waiting for? Read the hilarious jokes and as they say 'laughter is the best medicine' laugh out loud after reading them. But keep in mind, don't use these jokes to insult someone who is physically stronger than you. Have a good laugh!

1. "Yo daddy so hairy, your younger sister thinks he is a beast."

2. "Yo daddy is so ugly he actually is very good at her job, being a scarecrow."

3. "Yo daddy so dumb when he jump the fence the gate was open."

4. "Yo daddy is so stupid I told him if he guesses how many dollars are in my pocket I will give him both of them, he said three."

5. "Yo daddy is so stupid he married Yo momma!"

6. "Yo daddy is so poor, I went to his house and saw a bunch of cockroaches sitting around the toilet singing 'We are family'!"

7. "Yo daddy’s so short his best friend is an Ant."

8. "Yo daddy is so ugly he makes legless kids run."

9. "Yo daddy is so bald that your mom uses his head as a mirror."

10. "Yo daddy is so stupid, he took a ruler to bed to see how long he slept."

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