Top 10 Pregnancy Jokes

Updated on 08 Jan 2009, Published on 31 Dec 2008

Check out some funny pregnancy jokes and enjoy the humor. The pregnancy jokes are hilarious enough to bring atleast a smile on your face. So without taking much of your precious time, Top54u team brings to you some funny jokes on pregnancy. We hope you would love some, if not all, of them. Do let us know which joke was good, which joke was cool and which one just made you LOL!


1. FUNNY Q & A

Does pregnancy cause migraine as well as piles?
"Pregnancy causes anything you want to blame it for."


Man: My wife is six months pregnant and so moody that sometimes she behaves illogically and psychologically unstably.
Doctor: So what's your question?


What is the easiest way to figure out exactly when you got pregnant?
"Have sex once a year."


A Husband made a call to the Hospital to know about his pregnant Wife. But accidentally the call went to a Cricket stadium. He asked, "What is the condition?" He fainted after hearing the reply, which said, "7 are already out...
3 more to get after Lunch...and...two were Ducks..."


Pregnant daughter: Does pregnancy affect a woman's memory?
Mother: I don't remember.


What did the blonde say to her doctor when he told her she was pregnant?
"Is it mine?"


A married couple went to the hospital together to have their baby delivered. Upon their arrival, the doctor said he had invented a new machine that would transfer a portion of the mother's labor pain to the father. He asked if they were willing to try it out. They were both very much in favor of it. The doctor set the knob to 10 percent for starters, explaining that even 10 percent was probably more pain than the father had ever experienced before. But as the labor progressed, the husband felt fine, so he asked the doctor to go ahead and bump it up a notch. The doctor then adjusted the machine to 20 percent pain transfer. The husband was still feeling fine. The doctor checked the husband's blood pressure and pulse and was amazed at how well he was doing. At this, they decided to try for 50 percent. The husband continued to feel quite well. Since it was obviously helping out his wife considerably, he encouraged the doctor to transfer ALL the pain to him. The wife delivered a healthy baby with virtually no pain. She and her husband were ecstatic. When they got home, they got the news that the handsome man, who used to live in their neighborhood, died under mysterious circumstances.


Lady: I am three months pregnant when will my baby move?
Doctor: With any luck, right after finishing the high school.


A tense man spoke frantically into the phone, "My wife is eight months pregnant and she is crying in pain!"
"Is this her first child?" the doctor asked.
"No!" the man shouted, "This is her husband!"


A lady goes to her doctor who verifies that she is pregnant. This is her first pregnancy. The doctor asks her if she has any questions. She replies, "Well, I'm a little worried about the pain. How much will childbirth hurt?"
The doctor answered, "Well, that varies from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy and besides, it's difficult to describe pain."
"I know, but can't you give me some idea?" she asks.
"Grab your upper lip and pull it out a little..."
"Like this?"
"A little more..."
"Like this?"
"No. A little more..."
"Like this?"
"Yes. Does that hurt?"
"A little bit."

"Now stretch it over your head!"

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